Sunday, October 12, 2014

When the locomotive is loco

Yesterday morning I rode the B&K Railway from my hunker bunker up to to the kitchen, and there the vehicle stuck. It just won't move. We await a service call.

There I was, up on the first floor while my laptop, Kindle, headphones, TV, La-Z-Boy chair, books and bathroom were on the floor below. That’s where my daughter and son-in-law created a bedroom and den for me, big enough for hockey. But I’ve lost my pucks.

We have no photos of my daring descent, via derriere loco motion, one step at a time, with daughter Marie one step ahead of me and granddaughter Kristen one step behind. For Kristen, this was a procedure that may not be taught in her P.A. school.

So it is possible to keep one step ahead of multiple system atrophy, MSA, which science so far finds incurable.

Brilliant scientists explore the universe, extend life expectancy, even merge the dreams of George Eastman, Alexander Graham Bell and Ma Bell so that telephones can take snapshots. One of these days men and women of science will discover a master tool for the cure of all the incurables. This will be followed by a decline in the amount of time humanity devotes to prayer.

© A. E. P. (Ed) Wall


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