Saturday, December 26, 2009

How did we get this way?

Christians celebrate the mystery of the Incarnation, the merging of the divine and human in Christ Jesus. This revelation was ahead of its time, proclaimed by Jesus and his followers to a primitive world.

We know more about everything today. The math of Herod’s time was not the math of Einstein’s. Changes are huge in what we know about agriculture, literature, medicine, law, astronomy and everything else. That includes religion.

Many leaders and followers in religious groups insist that God allows the development of every kind of knowledge except knowledge of religion. This notion of a limited God limiting the devout in their pursuit of religion, while granting unlimited growth in every other field of human endeavor,is disabling.The evolution of religious knowledge is resisted, not merely to protect a perceived franchise but in defense of convictions which are powerfully held, even if powerfully wrong.

Jesus provided a stunning revival of divinity’s eternal, perpetual adventure in humanity, an incarnation as old as Adam,and older. Incarnation may be celebrated as an event and as a process.

It might be called, with a smile, the Inplantanation and Incarnation, the divine purpose apparent in everything that lives and grows. Evidence that living plants feel injury, move toward sunshine and respond to care has been studied by scientists for decades. Incarnation began before the beginning.

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Anonymous said...

When was the last time that an Illuminated Saint appeared within the Catholic church?

These Illuminated beings were living demonstrations of what the Catholic Tradition was/is supposed to be about.

There has not been any such Illuminated Saints for over 500 years--since well before the European Renaissance?

Even these great Illuminated Saints of the church were more of less unwelcome in their time. They were often persecuted, jailed and even executed.

Do you think that the Pope really knows anything about The Divine Conscious Light?

Plus why not check out (or google) The Criminal History of the Papacy--Bushby.

Plus look at right-wing catholics in the USA. They have all sided with the "culture" of death that now rules the USA, and which patterns every aspect of USA "culture".

By that I mean that they are all essentially propaganda hacks for the military-industrial-"entertainment" complex and its never ending "war on terror".

Do you think that the people who are promoting The Manhattan Declaration, know anything about The Divine Conscious Light.

Would Jesus sign or promote this declaration?

Would Jesus be welcome or recognized at the offices of the outfit that originated and promotes this Declaration.