Monday, April 11, 2011

Memory was not invented by Bill Gates

Even though I have a brain ailment, I think my mind works the way it is supposed to most of the time. Sometimes signals get short circuited, and what started out as a step turns into a stagger. Maybe my gait controller drops off to sleep, like those air controllers in the news.

For years I've ordered things from L. L. Bean, so I was surprised to discover that this time I ordered things in the wrong size. Most mornings I brew coffee, but once in a while I feel too clumsy for it. Sometimes thoughts evaporate before I’m finished with them. This can be embarrassing, because I live with a cat, and who wants a cat to seem smarter than he is? It should be enough that he has eight more lives than I have. He never forgets the rock music of a can opener opening tuna or the crinkle of plastic being peeled off a deli sandwich pack.

Creation gave us plants and trees and other living things for sustenance, along with herbs and chemicals for treating ailments, letting them evolve with skills to apply them. Like many others with OPCA/MSA, I see it as a prod for learning about it and maybe about myself. Its meaning is still to be learned, and there’s lots of time for that.

What was I going to say next?

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