Saturday, November 1, 2008

Does God use email?

Volunteer communicators for God have urged me to vote for John McCain for president because, they say, that’s what God wants.

The messengers tell me that God approves of McCain’s political position on abortion. There’s no mention of what God thinks about McCain’s decision to divorce his first wife and marry a beautiful heiress.

Announcements, usually by email, of God’s wishes at election time are more curious than convincing. There is no evidence of God’s intervention in earthly political processes.

If God becomes involved in elections, it is reasonable to wonder how Adolph Hitler was elected to office by the German people. Then there’s the election and reelection of Zimbabwe’s brutal president, Robert Mugabwe. There was no intervention in electing George W. Bush, who became an object of derision by millions who voted for him. Jefferson Davis was elected president of a Confederacy built on the backs of slaves.

Not everyone who worships God thinks that the Creator decides who will win and who will lose elections, wherever they are held. Too many scoundrels and incompetents win elections.

Certainly God is to be praised in prayer, and millions pray for the right outcome of human endeavors, including elections, visits to the doctor, rescue attempts and family disputes. But some campaigners go beyond that.

Is it blasphemy to claim God’s blessing in a partisan political campaign?

Does this show a lack of respect for Almighty God, and bring shame on the perpetrators?

I hear someone saying Amen.

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